My Plan

  • Better healthcare

    The Labour and Liberal supported Welsh Government have proven they can’t be trusted to manage our NHS, removing services and neglecting rural Wales. Before the pandemic waiting times were spiralling out of control.

  • Agriculture fit for the future

    We need a Welsh Government that understands the rural economy, and the huge contribution farming makes to the wider economy. Farming is facing a future of great change, uncertainty, and environmental regulations. 

  • Reforming the Senedd

    The Establishment in Cardiff Bay have neglected Brecon and Radnorshire for over 20 years. It is time for change and if you elect me and a Conservative Welsh Government, I will ensure that money is spent wisely and invested in all of our futures. 

  • Supporting our High Streets

    Our local shops, pubs and cafes have been decimated by the pandemic, but the Labour/Liberal Democrat Welsh Government were failing our High Streets long before Covid. I want existing and new businesses to be given every opportunity for success.

  • More affordable homes

    We need to build more affordable, sustainable homes to give people the opportunity to get on the housing ladder and make a home and a future within Brecon and Radnorshire. I want to reform the outdated planning regulations to allow more building to take place.

  • Delivering a thriving rural economy

    After such a tough year for everyone, our businesses, from the local pub to the larger scale companies need our support to get the local economy energised. I want individuals to have the opportunity to start up new businesses, creating new jobs, giving them that helping hand to succeed.