Better healthcare

The Labour and Liberal supported Welsh Government have proven they can’t be trusted to manage our NHS, removing services and neglecting rural Wales. Before the pandemic waiting times were spiralling out of control. We need a Welsh Government that will work with the UK Government to deliver better hospitals and understand cross-border health services.

A priority would be to increase funding to the Welsh Ambulance Service to get more provision in our rural areas. Increase funding via the local Health Board for greater Pharmacy provisions out of hours and on weekends. Get more specialist healthcare to come to us, in our local hospital and surgery settings.


Longer term funding certainty is vital for mental health services

James Evans, Conservative Senedd Candidate is calling on all political parties after May 6th to agree to put in place a five year funding plan for mental health services, so that organisations such as MIND have the certainty of funding to plan long term service provision to help tackle the mental